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    Grace Ocean llc helps you make more informed decisions.

    That way, you’ll do what you do better and achieve competitive advantage.

    And we’ll do it together - with grace.

    Global experience

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    Local values

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  • Our Purpose

    Grace Oceantm is a boutique advisory firm chartered to help organizations solve particularly difficult commercial puzzles by working with them to focus on what matters.


    We specialize in:


    Strategic / Annual Planning

    Turnaround Leadership

    Organizational Effectiveness

    Motivational Speaking

    Sales Excellence / Effectiveness

    M&A Advisory Services / Due Diligence

    Interim C-Suite Assignments

    Board / Advisory Engagements


    We love the tire business, truck service, the auto aftermarket, and wholesale distribution,

    but accept assignments in mid-cap industrial / manufacturing firms as well.

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    Our Passion

    Helping you win, the right way

    At Grace Oceantm, we exist to enable you to win - the right way, by leveraging our collective knowledge and experience - yours and ours - to help you create competitive advantage. Our passion is assisting companies we become personally connected with to sustainably improve the aspects of their business we focus on. Whatever outcome you desire, we'll help ensure that you and your people can deliver it day in and day out. When you win, we win. That’s our belief. And it’s why we jump out of bed every day.

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    Our Process

    There’s not much traditional here

    Typical “consultants” who charge by the hour plus expenses will spend many weeks in your business, only to later play back, in meeting after meeting, what many in your organization already knew, and could have told you themselves. This is a colossal misuse of time and annoys your people.


    At Grace Oceantm, we don't want to waste your time, or ours. We believe the best meeting rooms are empty meeting rooms.


    We prefer to work with you to first understand what you want to accomplish, then agree, up front, on a fee for service model to deliver the outcome we all buy into. Then we get to work, mostly in the marketplace, talking to customers and those associates closest to the work, to determine what stands between you and true, sustainable advantage. That way you pay for results and real, actionable plans - not binders of your own data, hours spent in meetings, or recommendations you’ve heard before. Just programs your people can believe in that you can use to win more often once we leave.

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    Our Premise

    Poor financial performance is the result of broken connections

    Staring at binders of financial statements or reams of other data will prove a less than interesting pastime for any but over-priced consulting firms or the swelling FP&A teams taking over most failing companies.


    Finance isn’t complicated. Sales minus cost equals EBIT. It’s the first immutable law of business. It doesn’t change. It’s simple math, and it has more to do with people than spreadsheets.


    We’ve never seen a spreadsheet that fixed anything, or a person who built one who did either.


    We've successfully led businesses out of holes, through downturns and difficulties, and in periods of rapidly escalating inflation.


    Our experience has shown that poor performance may be reflected in numbers, but numbers are merely outcomes, with ugly ones almost always resulting from broken connections: between leadership and the rank and file; between strategy and execution; between corporate earnings and associate earnings; between what's produced and what consumers actually want; and on and on.


    At Grace Oceantm, we know that when critical connections are broken, short term cost-cutting, discounting, or other knee-jerk actions will simply postpone the inevitable, buying time for a few more quarters - we know it, because we've lived it. It's not sustainable.


    Instead, we focus on finding, fixing and strengthening connections, from beginning to end, top to bottom, and side to side; defining an accurate current state and an attainable destination, then working with you on a plan to connect the two. Finally, and most importantly, we help ensure that your people are connected to the objective - and understand how their lives will improve when you get there. And we'll build it to last. When we work with our clients to fix something, it stays fixed. We've been successful in businesses ranging from $50M to over $2.5B in revenue. We win because there is no alternative to the right thing to do.

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    Our Promise

    If we don't help, you don't pay

    With typical consulting firms, you contract for work, not outcomes. Whether your issue is addressed, or not, you pay. Imagine paying a mechanic NOT to fix your car. At Grace Oceantm, we believe the current order is backwards. That's why we'll make sure we solve your problem, or you won't pay anything but our expenses. Too, our agreements are simple. We're Golden Rule people. We don't like red tape, and won't wrap it around others. We believe simply in a dollar earned for a dollar of value supplied. It's that easy.

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    Our Patrons

    Our clients are people you know

    Grace Oceantm prides itself on having worked with a range of quality clients from investors to business owners. Companies like Stout, Palladium, Gridiron, Purcell Tire, Clay Smith Cams, McKinsey, Ridgemont, American Tire Distributors, Vintage Volkswagen Club of America, and others have all worked with us to help them do what they do better. Not only are these good companies, these are companies filled with good people; we won't have it any other way. We are very selective about who we work with. We are servant leaders dedicated to the notion that nothing is more important than the people who work in a business. If we can’t work with like-minded clients and decent human beings, we’d rather not work at all.

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    Our Programs

    You describe the outcome, we'll deliver a proposal

    We are here to serve, and ultimately to deliver desired outcomes. We are pleased to provide:

    • Strategic & Annual Operating Planning
    • Turnaround Workouts
    • Project based consulting services
    • Talent Optimization based on The Predictive Index
    • Organizational Development
    • Individual & Team Coaching
    • Motivational Speaking
    • M&A Advisory Services

    We are also open to interim C-Suite and Board assignments.


    Fixed fees will be agreed to up front. There will never be surprise costs, over-runs, or missed deadlines. And we will only accept assignments which are as important for us to work on as they are for you to solve. That results in a mutual passion which creates extraordinary results.


    Additional details about just a few of our programs follow below.

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    Arrive at a Better Point Bsm


    Destination Mapping is a two and one-half day hands-on workshop designed for middle market businesses looking for greater strategic clarity, restored or improved growth, heightened cultural alignment, and/or enhanced future optionality.


    Using tools from The Predictive Index and others, we'll help you move from where you are today to a Better Point Bsm.


    Contact us for more information.

  • Grow AndWin? or Exit AndWin?

    Grace Ocean® helps small and mid-market business owners contemplating a sale of their business maximize enterprise value. We can help you decide between growth and exit then work with you to execute on whichever option you choose with comprehensive business improvement consulting or business representation options. With decades of experience on both sides of the desk - operating businesses AND working in investment banking - we are uniquely positioned to help you. Contact us to learn more.

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    Grow AndWin

    For Small & Mid-Market Enterprises

    Restore sales and earnings growth

    Click to contact us for more information about Grace's Grow AndWin options


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    We'll help you decide

    Grow or Exit? We help you decide

    Click to work with us to determine your best forward option. Let's put a pencil to it.

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    Exit AndWin

    For Small & Mid-Market Enterprises

    Sell your business on YOUR terms

    Click to contact us for more information about Grace's Exit AndWin options

  • PItm Talent Optimization

    Grace Ocean is a certified partner of The Predictive Index

    We can help put you—and your fellow leaders—in the driver’s seat so you can control outcomes and steer your company in the right direction. With confidence and grace.

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    The perfect team for running a software start-up is a terrible team for running a hospital. And vice-versa. A mismatch between a group’s behavioral style and its strategic goals can cause major problems.

    Build teams with data, not gut feel. Stop wondering how to help your teams get along and get the job done. With PI Design, the answer is clear.

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    When you make a new hire, you create a new team. The dynamics change—for the better or for the worse. One bad hire can disrupt a winning team’s groove. Yet companies keep winging it and hoping for the best.

    Evaluate candidates for behavioral and cognitive job fit. See how they’ll affect team dynamics. With PI Hire, identifying the right fit is easy

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    Managers think they understand their people—when they really don’t. They manage everyone the same way, ignoring individual needs and preferences. Frustrations grow. People stew in silence. High performers leave.

    Help your managers understand how to interact with individuals to solve problems and increase their drive. With PI Inspire, performance soars.

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    Failure to pull together the right people and build the right culture can lead to tension and unhappiness on a team or across the org. Even if you’re doing everything right, one bad hire or a crisis could hurt engagement.

    Pinpoint and fix budding problems. Identify what’s working and do more of it. With PI Diagnose, you control engagement.

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    Our Paradox

    When you work with Grace OceanTM, you achieve extraordinary results, because our approach is unordinary. We operate under paradoxical notions that in order for organizations to achieve big things, their leaders must become really, really small, and that identifying a destination is less important in getting where you want to go than first honestly assessing where you are today. Most organizations that fail do so because they have things backwards or upside down. Helping you get things right side up is what we do best. Call us today.
  • Our People

    Real people create a real difference

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    We’ve walked the


    We understand business, from the ground up, because we’ve worked in business from the ground floor to the top floor. We’ve turned wrenches, swept floors and mounted tires. We’ve seen the best, and the worst. We’ve taken care to create lasting relationships in our industries. In both start-ups and Fortune 500 firms, we’ve successfully led thousands of people to accomplish extraordinary things. Because we’ve done real things, that matter, we’ll speak to you in real terms about your business or the industry. In short, we’ll tell you the truth, the key to unlocking real value in your business. And we'll be there afterwards to help you implement real change.

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    Phillip Kane,

    Managing Partner

    With over 30 years of global experience in automotive, technology, distribution, and consumer hard goods businesses, public and privately held, with successful P&L leadership of organizations ranging from $50M to more than $2B, Phillip has the knowledge and experience to make your business markedly and sustainably better.

    A true servant leader, Phillip also displays the grace and leadership talents to help improve the alignment and execution of your team to your plan. He is a tireless worker who best understands that little happens in any organization until those in it understand how their lives will improve when its goals are met.

  • Our Pub

    What People are Saying About Us

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    Eric Goodman

    CEO, Mountainview Services, Inc

    President, Vintage VW Club of America

    “I have worked with Mr Kane, and Grace Ocean on a few projects. One for our national VW organization with over 40,000 members were he consulted for us. Kane is a leader and very knowable regarding corporate issues and helping to grow/promote an organization. I also worked with him on an acquisition and merger for a medical and supply company. He carefully reviewed our operations and financials then advised us on options and potential buyers. Again, his advice and leadership was instrumental in us moving forward. I would highly recommend Grace Ocean’s services and feel fortunate that we worked together.“

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    Steven Rathbone

    Managing Director, Stout Risius Ross

    “I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Phillip since 2017. In this time, Phillip has played the role of Senior Advisor at Stout specifically focusing on the Automotive sector. Phillip’s sector involvement has encompassed Tire Distribution & Manufacturing; Automotive Parts Distribution; Automotive Service; and other industry sub-segments. Leveraging his decades of experience as an executive in the industry, Phillip’s role has encompassed working with our teams on business development opportunities; consulting; facilitating deep industry connections and relationships; marketing and thought leadership; and positioning strategies. Phillip’s knowledge of the industry, his character and integrity are of the highest caliber. I am delighted to speak with any institution looking to engage with Phillip.”

  • Our Press

    News Around the Shop

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    At Grace Oceantm, we are proud of the things we accomplish, but we are even prouder still of the people who make them possible and grateful for the customers who put their trust in us each day. Here’s a few examples:

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    Grace Partners with The Predictive Index

    February, 2022

    Akron, OH. Grace Ocean, llc is pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Predictive Index to bring additional value to our clients. Grace Ocean will now offer the entire array of PI Talent Optimization products in addition to our own value-added workshops, tools, and advisory services.


    Some leaders intuitively pull the right people together and manage them brilliantly. For everyone else, there's PI's Talent Optimization.


    Talent optimization is a different way to think about people. It’s a framework for understanding yourself, others, and teams—in relation to the business strategy—so you can make better, more objective decisions.

    Once you start practicing talent optimization, you’ll never go back to “the old way” of leading.


    Contact us today at admin@graceocean.net for more information

    Positive Comments After Kane Engagement

    December, 2021

    In conjunction with his work with Generational Consulting Group, Phillip Kane recently completed an engagement with custom home builder Dakota Dawn Delineation. Click the embedded video above to hear what owner, Michael Zimmer had to say after their workshop.

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    Grace CEO Writing for Inc.

    July, 2021

    NY, NY. Grace Ocean CEO, Phillip Kane has joined Inc. Magazine as a contributor. Kane will write on topics related to leadership, particularly those of interest to Generations Y and Z. Learn more HERE: https://www.inc.com/author/Phillip-Kane

    Grace Ocean, llc to provide consulting services to McKinsey & Company

    Grace Assisting McKinsey Delhi

    March, 2021

    Delhi, India. Grace Ocean, llc is excited to announce that it has signed a short-term consulting agreement with McKinsey & Company to provide strategic market advice. The agreement, related to core Grace market segments will include secondary research, market segmentation and strategic advisory services.

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    Kane Signs Book Contract

    January, 2021

    London, UK. Grace Ocean, llc is pleased to announce that CEO and Managing partner, Phillip Kane has signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, London for the rights to his book The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership to be released late 2021. Based on more than 125 actual memos written by Kane to those he's had the privilege to lead, Letters introduces new thinking around caring leadership and directly challenges the ineffective command and control, authoritarian style of the last century still predominant in many US corporations. For sample content visit https://andwin.net

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    Grace Inks Extended Engagement with Mountainview

    January, 2021

    Redlands, CA. Grace Ocean, llc is proud to announce that with the acquisition of the company by Eric Goodman now complete, Grace will now be providing growth-focused business advisory services to the firm. “We are excited to continue our association with Eric and Mountainview, said Grace Ocean CEO, Phillip Kane. “We look forward to working with the team in Redlands on the next great growth chapter.”

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    Rothschild Taps Kane

    September, 2020

    London, UK. Rothschild & Co has appointed Grace Ocean’s Managing Partner & CEO, Phillip Kane, as a Senior Advisor to their global M&A advisory practice. In this role, Kane will bring operational expertise gained from over 30 years in the automotive aftermarket to help Rothschild clients formulate and achieve their strategic goals. Rothschild & Co is one of the world's largest independent financial advisory groups, employing 3,500 people in 40 countries across the world.

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    Poppin’ Cleveland Seeks New Heights with Grace

    August, 2020

    Cleveland, OH. Poppin’ Cleveland, the premier provider of balloon derived yard announcements, marquis decor and event production in Northeast, Ohio has selected Grace Ocean, llc for management consulting and advisory services. We are very pleased to have been chosen by Kelly Simpson and the team at Poppin’ to assist with their continued and explosive growth.

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    Kane Advising Large Truck Service & Maintenance Provider

    July, 2020

    Grace Oceantm is pleased to announce that Managing Partner and CEO, Phillip Kane has accepted a long-term assignment with a large PE held provider of heavy truck service and maintenance. Kane will provide strategic and management consulting services to the firm. Headquartered in The Midwest, the firm is one of the largest independent fleet maintenance and management companies in the country.

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    Charlotte Kane Joins Grace as Summer Intern

    May, 2020

    Grace Oceantm is excited, and very proud to announce that Charlotte Kane has joined the team as a Finance Intern this Summer. Charlotte is between her Freshman and Sophomore years at THE Ohio State University where she is a Finance major in the Fisher School of Business. Charlotte is also a participant in the Stout Risius Ross Future Leaders in Finance Program. Charlotte will be responsible for client interviews, industry research and financial analysis. Welcome Charlotte!

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    Mountainview Services Calls on Grace

    April, 2020

    Mountainview Services has selected Grace Oceantm for M&A advisory services. Based in Redlands, CA Mountain View has been the leader in supplying food and other items to California healthcare facilities since 1988.

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    ATD Chooses Grace Ocean

    January, 2020

    American Tire Distributors has contracted with Grace Oceantm for assistance with reimagining their go-forward strategy. American Tire Distributors is one of the largest independent suppliers of tires to the replacement tire market. It operates more than 140 distribution centers, including 25 distribution centers in Canada, serving approximately 80,000 customers across the U.S. and Canada.

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    Grace Advising Clay Smith Cams

    January, 2020

    Buena Park, CA. Grace Ocean, llc is proud to announce that it has begun advising Clay Smith Cams, Inc. Clay Smith is one of the oldest and most venerable brand names in the auto specialty aftermarket offering hand ground camshafts and other speed parts for the drag racing and sportsman markets. "Being able to work in an advisory capacity with a brand I knew and used in my youth is particularly gratifying," said Grace Ocean CEO Phillip Kane. Grace Ocean, LLC is an Ohio-based advisory firm providing management consulting, sell-side advice, and interim C-suite leadership to firms in automotive and light industrial verticals.

    broken image

    VVWCA Looks to Grace

    December, 2019

    Grace Oceantm is honored to announce that Managing Partner and CEO, Phillip Kane has accepted a board position with the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. VVWCA is the oldest organization of its kind, boasting 40,000 members nationwide.

    broken image

    Kane Joins Stout

    August, 2018

    Grace Oceantm is excited to announce that Managing Partner and CEO, Phillip Kane has accepted a position as Senior Advisor with Stout Risius Ross Advisors llc. In his new role, Kane will assist Stout’s Automotive and Light Industrials team with deal origination, sell-side M&A advisory, and business consulting assignments. Founded in 1991 and based in Chicago, Stout is a global advisory firm whose core service lines are: Investment Banking; Transaction Advisory; Valuation Advisory; Disputes, Compliance, & Investigations; and Management Consulting.

    broken image

    Grace Open for Business

    July, 2004

    Atlanta, GA. Grace Ocean, llc is chartered to help organizations solve particularly difficult commercial puzzles by working market-back across all levels of their organization to create sustainable competitive advantage.

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    Grace Ocean, llc

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  • Our Pet Project

    What We Do When We're Not Doing What We Do

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    Winning the Right Way

    and The Not So Subtle Art of Caring

    As an author and speaker (https:phillipkaneauthor.com), Grace Ocean CEO, Phillip Kane promotes his unique And Win leadership philosophy. And Win is rooted in the stewardship of that which is entrusted to our care. True caring leaders show up to win, but always the right way and always caring for the physical, emotional and economic safety of those they have the privilege to lead.

    If your firm or group is interested in booking Phillip for a motivational or training related speaking engagement, please use the contact form above. We’d love to help your organization start winning more often.

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    The AndWin Blog

    Using stories as the basis for each message, Phillip shares weekly insights into the And Win culture of service to others while also exposing the failures of the traditional command and control, extroverted leadership styles which have carried over from the 1900s.

    Visit https:AndWin.net to browse more than 100 pieces of original content posted by Phillip dating back to 2001. You can also visit https:PhillipKaneAuthor.com to learn about Phillip's new book, The Not So Subtle Art of Caring: Letters on Leadership, which will be released by John Hunt Publishing, London in June, 2022.